The Unknown Actor's Golden Robe

Shirt: (Anthropologie)// Velvet Skirt: (Anthropologie)// Tights: Target// Shoes: Dollhouse// Coat: Vintage (actually a robe!)// Earrings: Vintage

So, with the start of the new year I decided to take on a new hobby: rock climbing. At first I thought about taking on running, dance, or some new hip fitness class at the gym but I quickly became addicted to the adrenaline rush that climbing provides. With that said, after I come home all banged and bruised up, I feel that I need to balance out the roughness by choosing feminine outfits such as this. After all what says feminine like gold, velvet, and silk? This gold sweater/coat/miscellaneous piece of glittery beauty is actually a robe and was worn on stage at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. How cool is that? This past fall during a trip to Montgomery John and I stumbled across quite the event and very rare occurrence. The ASF was having a huge sale to benefit the theater by selling off a ton of stage costumes. John and I both racked up and this was one of my finds. It said "robe" on the tag, but I don't see how anyone could ever stand to wear it as such and therefore I chose not to pay attention to its original intention. However, it does make me feel pretty fancy knowing that I'm sporting an unknown actor's golden robe.


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