The Lyles Do Dinner & A Movie

Friday night was date night once again in the Lyle's household. Since this week has been so busy, we didn't have too much planned and opted for the traditional movie and dinner date. We started out by heading to Moe's Orignial BBQ located in the historic Lakeview district. It was founded by three Bama boys, but actually started it's flagship restaurant and bar in Colorado before opening up restaurants in AL. John had been  with a friend earlier this summer and had been raving about their wings ever since. So, I thought last night was the perfect night to see if John's review was on par and it definitely was. The crispiness of the wings was perfect and the homemade sides like kettle corn, cornbread, baked beans, and squash casserole were all delicious and the perfect compliment.

After sitting on the patio and savoring our delicious meal, we headed across the street to Five for dessert and after-dinner drinks. The restaurant is very unique in the fact that their menu has five of everything (five dinners, five cocktails, five appetizers, etc). The food and drinks are out of this world, which helped it to earn "Best New Restaurant in Birmingham" in last year's Urbanspoon Awards. As soon as we saw "white chocolate bread pudding" on the menu, there was no question about what we were going to order. That paired along with our refreshing happy hour cocktails (John ordered the Bordeaux Bourbon while I had The Banc) and the crisp fall air on the patio made for the perfect pre movie activity.

After reading the Birmingham event guide, I found where the historic Alabama Theatre was showing Animal House as a part of their summer film series. I had never seen the movie, but had always wanted to. We always love going to the beautiful theatre, especially since it was part of one of our first dates and some of our best memories. The movie was hilarious and the stunning backdrop of the Alabama made it that much better.

After the movie, we decided to end the night with a cup of coffee and good conversation at our favorite coffee shop- O'Henry's. Their coffee is made in house and the atmosphere is quiet and cozy. So, it's perfect for times when you want to study or just have a good conversation with a friend without distraction.

It was the perfect way to end a long week- good food, checking a movie off of my bucket list, good coffee, and the chance to enjoy it all with the best company I could ask for.


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