City Lights and Summer Sunshine

Friday night was pretty out of the norm for us. Rather than having a date night, we spent most of the evening grocery shopping. Since we only go once a month (yes, you read that correctly) it's a pretty big deal but I have it worked down to a fine science. During the middle of our grocery haul, our grumbling stomachs made us decide to stop and eat at one of our favorite Birmingham Chinese restaurants- Mr.Chen's in Hoover. While they do have some rather interesting things on the menu, such as "cripsy intestines", the majority is just good Chinese comfort food and the portions are big enough to share.

After grocery shopping was done we met up with our friends Casey and Sheena at a new Birmingham establishment- Carrigan's Public House. It's a new restaurant and pub located on historic Morris Avenue downtown. They have a wide variety of craft beers (including local breweries), spirits, seasonal cocktails, and pub-inspired gourmet food. Since we already ate prior to coming, we didn't get to try any of the food, but the menu looked incredible and Casey and Sheena had rave reviews. I mean, who could say no to an oatmeal cream pie filled with cream cheese ice cream? Yum! The atmosphere of the place was great and the decor was the perfect mix of eclectic and rustic charm. 

Saturday was lake day with our friends Clark and Jamie. Early Saturday morning we packed up Henry, along with our beach towels and sunscreen, and headed to Lake Martin. It was beautiful weather and we had so much fun out on the water. Clark and Jamie taught John how to surf on the lake. It was pretty intense,  but John got the hang of it in no time! Surfing was a little too daring for me. So, Henry and I both preferred to
paddle board instead.

Lake surfing!


Jamie soaking up the sun 
Clark, our fearless captain

Henry's new BFF- Vincent 

Henry lovin' the paddleboard

That evening, after a cooling summer shower passed over, we sat down on the back porch for dinner. Everything was delicious, but my favorite thing on the menu was the elk burger. Clark's dad hunts elk out west each year and brings back his catch to his family. While it may sound a bit strange, it was absolutely delicious and very lean.

We had the best day and loved spending time with such fun and sweet people! 


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