A Day in the Life

So, it's been a while since I posted on this blog (over a year actually). I thought about deleting the posts below, but I decided to keep them as a memento of the time in my life when I tried to be a fashion blogger. Since those days, a lot has happened!  Here's a few important pieces of information to get you caught up:

I got married!

I traveled with my husband, John, to Costa Rica last December for our honeymoon! It was the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.

We became the proud parents of our wonderful Westie(ish) rescue dog-Henry Wyatt Lyles

John and I traveled to Nashville to visit my best friend Elizabeth and brought Henry along!

I had the wonderful opportunity to model in Birmingham Fashion Week.

Henry walked with the grand marshalls in the Doo Dah Day Parade!

We went to a LOT of concerts. To name a few...

        Band of Horses                                    David Bazan                         Alabama Shakes 

                                                  I traveled to New York City all by myself!

We made our first beach trip as a family

&&& had many other great adventures along the way

I am currently finishing up my first fieldwork at Children's of Alabama and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience there.  John just began his fourth and final year of medical school and is already starting the process to find a pediatrics residency program. Time has flown by, but we have loved every moment of our past 7 months together. We never slow down and always have full calendars, but we are having a blast! 


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