Black & Gold & Sequined All Over


Dress: BCBG// Jacket: Vintage (from Alabama Shakespeare Festival)// Shoes: New Directions// Bag: Betsey Johnson// Earrings: Vintage

Last night my sweet best friend and soon to be maid of honor came to town and brought with her some fantastic clothes and shoes plus we went to TJ where she bought even more fabulous items. I say all this because ever since the start of our friendship, some 13 odd years ago, I have always been known to profit from Elizabeth's closet. Although I have rarely known her to been a borrower herself, she has never hesitated to share what she has. I think that's what kept our relationship balanced. I'm a borrower, she's a lender. Of course, that's not to say that I don't enjoy giving. Elizabeth often enjoys borrowing edible gifts from my pantry and kitchen such as my yummy vegan brownies from a previous post. We had so much fun together today and she was such a help when it came to outfit and wedding planning. Plus, she's one of the few friends that I have who is ok with making a midnight run to the Krispy Kreme across town to grab a midnight doughnut just because the "hot" sign is on. I loved having her here and I'm looking forward to Thursday when she comes back up for a thrifting adventure. Until then, goodnight and stay sassy.


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