Lunch Date, Paper Cranes, and Bowling with a Colorful Twist

Friday afternoon, John I decided to go on a lunch date since I got off early. John chose Pita Stop Cafe downtown which worked out perfectly since it's not too far from our house. The menu isn't extensive, but what they do offer is tasty and it makes for a wonderful lunch. I had the kafta sandwich (Lebanese/Middle Eastern version of meatballs) while John had the falafel with tabooli. It was filling, but not too heavy and John and I found a beautiful church on our walk there (Saint Andrews).

After lunch, we headed to Railroad Park to see the paper crane display. Over 15,000 paper cranes made by various artisans and organizations were hung under the pavillion commemorating the 50 year anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. The display was beautiful, especially with the park and sunny skies as the backdrop. John and I have always enjoyed spending time there, especially since it's where he proposed. So, it made for the perfect day date to walk around, take in the sunshine and enjoy each other's company.


Friday night, John suggested that we go bowling and what a perfect idea that was! Of course, we added our own twist to the game with the help of these fun rules. We bought two bags of M&Ms (you should only need one, but we couldn't say no to a BOGO deal at the store) and since we weren't near a printer at the time- I hand wrote the rules. The basic gist of the game is to pick an M&M from the bag  before each turn and bowl according to the color's rule. I must admit, I felt pretty silly at first- but it ended up being so much fun. Our scores weren't very high when all was said and done, but the laughter it provided was priceless!


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