Walk. Watch. Repeat.

This past Saturday we continued our Sidewalk Film Festival experience by spending the entirety of both Saturday and Sunday watching films. In between viewings we were fortunate enough to hang out in the VIP lounge at the Grand, attend the VIP after party at the Bottletree on Saturday night, and the pre-encore cocktail party on Sunday. I feel like I can brag about all of this since we won the tickets and were living the high life for free! It was an amazing weekend and I can't even explain how proud I am of this city and Sidewalk for putting on such a great event.


We watched so many good films including:

AL Shorts 1: 13 short films made by Alabama natives. Two of the films featured some of our friends. How cool is that?

Remote Area Medical: By far my favorite film of the weekend! "Over three days in April 2012, Remote Area Medical, the pioneers of "no cost" healthcare clinics, treated nearly 2000 patients on the infield of Bristol, Tennessee's massive NASCAR speedway." The film documented those days and in the process made me cry, hopeful, and challenged me as a future health care provider to provide the best care that I can to my patients regardless of their SES or educational background.

Hit and Stay: A feature length documentary about priests and nuns who protested the Vietnam War by breaking into draft boards, destroying draft records, and then waiting to be arrested.

Muscle Shoals: Told through interviews, archival film footage, still photos and music clips- this documentary tells the tale of the little town of Muscle Shoals, AL and its huge impact on the music industry of the 1960's, 1970's and today. 

Spies of Mississippi: A documentary about the state sponsored campaign to defeat the civil rights movement. A journey into the world of informants, infiltrators, and agent provocateurs in Old Dixie. (One of John's favorites) 


A Will for the Woods: Another one of my favorites! "A man's quest for a final resting place that will benefit the earth leads him to burgeoning the green burial movement." While it may sound morbid, it is one of the most beautiful films that I have ever seen and made me think of death in a whole new light. 

HeartChild: The story of Crys Worley and her creation of the A. Skate Foundation skateboarding with autistic kids through acceptance therapy and education. 

It was another wonderful weekend in Birmingham! Hats off to Sidewalk Film Festival 2013! 


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