A Quick Update

So, even though a majority of my time is spent at work with the remainder of it spent apartment shopping and job hunting for D.C., I have managed to squeeze in a few fun things here and there.

I met up with my friend and co-diretor, Andrew, at Urban Standard to discuss camp plans for senior high one at Camp Sumatanga

We met up with our friends Lauren and Lee to enjoy some Doodles before watching Gravity. It was an awesome film, but the cinematography did make me a little nauseous at times. 

John and I had a Friday night date at La Paz in Crestline. We enjoyed a celebratory margarita (I ordered the skinny girl version-made with Fresca) for John's placement in D.C. and my upcoming job interviews there. Woo hoo! After we finished our meal, we went across town and met up with friends at Trimtab Brewing Company to celebrate their grand opening. I had a raspberry nitro which really did have a punch of tart raspberry goodness. There was live music, a food truck and lots of people! It was a ton of fun and a great way to celebrate Birmingham's newest brewery.

We visited O'Carrs for the first time and ordered some of their famous chicken salad along with a Reuben. Both were out of this world, especially the chicken salad. Plus, the side of fruit was the best assortment that I have ever seen! I am so glad that we got to enjoy the Birmingham staple before our move, but my only regret is that we hadn't gone sooner!

We made a mid week trip to Tuscaloosa for John to speak with students regarding his time as a religious studies major and how he ended up in Medicine. It was such a good talk and I loved getting to see the students interact with John. 

We enjoyed the pretty cherry blossom tree in our back yard. It's a sweet reminder of where we are going every time we go outside. I can't wait to attend all of the Cherry Blossom Festival events next year in D.C.! I'm in love with our one tree. So, I can only imagine how beautiful the Capital is when hundreds of them are in bloom.

We finally it made it to YellowHammer Creative's shop downtown. We had been eyeing some of their cool screen print t-shirts online, but it was even more fun to see them in real life. We picked up some UA memorabilia and will most likely be returning to get some more!

The tulips are finally in bloom at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and they are beautiful!! We have always enjoyed taking walks through the gardens, but the blooming poppies and tulips take it up a notch.

This past Friday we tested out the newly opened Post Office Pies in Avondale and it definitely passed! We chose to have homemade meatballs for our appetizer and split a white pizza for our entree. Both were amazing and you could tell they were made fresh and ready to order. If you haven't been already, go!

On Saturday we were fortunate enough to see one of John's best friends get married! The reception was held at the home of the groom's uncle and was absolutely beautiful! It's always fun to see friends get married, but especially ones from college since that means that we get to see some our dearest friends and catch up with where life has taken all of us.

We wrapped up this past week by attending our church's potluck. I had honestly forgotten that we were having the event, but was pleasantly surprised. It was a great turnout and we even had a visitor from Birmingham Faith in Action speak about the state's new Voter Registration ID law.

This week will be a lot of work and little play, but I am thankful for the opportunities that I have been given. Plus, next week John and I are heading to D.C. for me to go on job interviews and for us to look for places to live!! Until then, expect more posts from the interview trail! 


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