Cause You Gotta Have Friends

So, last week involved a lot of one particular I started both of my new jobs at Anthropologie and Orthosports. However, before the week started John and I met our friends Lauren and Lee for dinner at one of our favorite burger joints, Mugshots. We used to go to the original location in Tuscaloosa when we were students at UA and are now fortunate enough to have a location here in Birmingham. It was an added bonus that we had a SuperDeal coupon to use (however, the fine print excluded Sunday use- oops. I guess that means we will be going back!). After we stuffed our faces with burgers that were 100% non Whole Life compliant, we went to Lauren's place to watch Dallas Buyer's Club. The movie is definitely a must see, but I will warn you that it's VERY heavy. Matthew McConaughey looks completely different and his slim trim is a little more than disturbing, but he plays the role very well.

Monday, I took advantage of being off work by taking Henry for a much needed trim. I used to take him to fancy groomers, but have found that the local Petco does just as good of a job for half the price. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it's located right next door to Michael's crafts and Homegoods. Henry loved his new hair cut and flashy blue bandanna so much that he refused to sit on all fours, and perched himself up against the passenger window the whole way home.

On Tuesday, I started not one, but two new jobs. During the morning hours, I spent my time at OrthoSports doing hand therapy before heading to Anthropologie to finish up my afternoon. I love both of my new jobs and definitely enjoy the added productivity in my day (the discount at Anthropologie isn't too shabby either).

Wednesday I decided to wake up bright and early, despite having the day off, in order to keep up the productive mood. It also allowed me to meet up with my dear friend, Brooke, for morning breakfast and conversation. We decided on Crestline Bagel which made me very excited. There's nothing like freshly brewed Hazelnut coffee and a whole wheat everything bagel with veggie cream cheese to start your day on the right foot. They make their bagels in the store and the smell will knock your socks off. It's definitely a Birmingham staple.

Thursday, my mom and her friend Ann made a visit to Birmingham for a Feng Shui class hosted by Katie Rogers. When she told me about it and invited John and I to attend, I was a little skeptical- but John and I really enjoyed it. I mean, I'm definitely not going to turn my home upside down or hang crystals all around, but a majority of the information was practical and enlightening. The topic was specifically geared towards Feng Shui in the kitchen. So, it definitely peaked my interest. The talk was free and met at the Homewood Library. There's another talk coming up next month regarding Feng Shui and the outdoors. Be sure to check the events calendar on the library website (located here) for details.Afterwards, we went to O'Henry's coffee downtown Homewood for coffee and tea before my mom and Ann made the trek back to Oneonta.

Friday John and I made sure that we were near the television at 6:30, in order to catch Insider Edition. Earlier in the month, my mom notified me that she had contacted them and asked them to do a report on the local murder mystery in Oneonta. A few weeks ago, two zebras were shot and killed on Sherrod Farm, but no one has been arrested or caught yet. The town is outraged, especially since the zebras were a Blount Country spectacle. After my mom notified the producers, they agreed to do a segment and asked to interview my mom. Unfortunately, even though she was interviewed, it was not included in the final cut. However, she was still happy to be a part of it and happy that it shed light on the situation. Hopefully, the added media attention will help bring justice forth.

After we watched the feature, we went to Carrigan's Public House for a drink and after dinner treat. Since their cocktails are seasonal, they just recently revamped the menu for spring. I chose to order a "Sunday Morning" (vodka, Pernod, orange, siracha soda & mint). Although I expected it to taste like a bubbly orange soda, it tasted like black licorice and wasn't my favorite. I was very confused by the flavor until someone informed me that the Pernod is what causes the strong anise flavor. The loaded fries (oxtail chili, gouda, hipster ranch, jalapeno, and herbs) we ordered made up for my poor choice in cocktail. 

Saturday, I was very excited to hit the road to Atlanta for my friend Leigh Anne's wedding shower and bachelorette party. Since graduation, my sorority sisters and I have dispersed across the U.S.. So, weddings and showers have become some of my favorite calendar events since it means that I get to spend time with them. The weekend was just what I needed and I loved spending hours catching up, laughing and playing some epic games of Heads Up

Nothing says Bachelorette like grandma pajamas!

We like to think of this as our version of Ellen's famous Oscar celeb photo.
A fairly laid back week and a weekend with friends was just what the doctor ordered, especially since this week is match week (the week John finds out his residency placement). While we are both very excited about the future that lies ahead, it is still nerve wracking at times and I am so ready to find out where we are going! Thankfully this week the med school is putting on tons of nightly events to keep our minds occupied. Plus, this weekend John and I are going to the lake with my Dad. So, between that and work- I should be busy until Friday morning when we all gather to find out where the Lyles' family will be for the next 3 years!


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