Farewells and New Beginnings

Last Friday marked the end of a chapter in our lives and the beginning of a new one in a new city with new jobs and a new home. Before we left sweet home Alabama, we did spend some cherished time with friends and family saying our goodbyes and reminiscing about our time in our beloved city of Birmingham.

After our official farewell from our church, we had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate with our friends, the Powells, at a baby shower for their soon to be bundle of joy- baby Jude! They are such an awesome couple, both future doctors (wow! Jude is going to be a little genius), and both have become such sweet friends of ours over the past few years.

On Tuesday, my dad came into town and took John and  I out to lunch at one of our usual dad-approved spots, Nabeel's. My dad is so excited about D.C. and it was so awesome to listen to him share all of his insight on the great things the city has to offer.

That evening, I had my final wine night with my friends Lauren and Jenny. I will admit, it did make me sad, but it cheered me up to think about the amazing wine nights we can have when they visit D.C.!

The following day was my last at Anthropologie. My adventure in retail was fun and consisted of long hours and hard work, lots of discounted clothes, and relationships that I will forever be thankful for. After I said my final farewell, I went to Chuy's for an after week margarita with a coworker and enjoyed their free happy hour nacho bar. It was fabulous and a perfect parting gift from the Summit.

That same evening, John and I went to the newly opened Southern Kitchen and Bar for a lovely going away party put together by our wonderful friends. It was so touching to be surrounded by such love, laughter and friendship before leaving our city. Our friends Brooke and Cleve gave us some Southern My Way cookbooks (which I already adore) and Cleve designed and made a poster for us. The words on it couldn't be more perfect.



Thursday evening, John and I went to Avondale Brewing Company for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society's Swag Wag event. Our friend Casey's new band was playing. So, we went to support him and hang out with the rest of our small group friends. The band was awesome and Henry even got to come along!

Friday was the final packing day in the Lyles household. In order to get geared up for the day, I started by eating breakfast with my best friend, Elizabeth, at Over Easy. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to Elizabeth, but since we have a pretty good track record (best friends since 5th grade), I think that a few more miles between us won't be that hard to deal with.

After I came back, we received word that our U-Haul was ready for pickup. So, that night with the help of our outstanding friends, we packed it full and celebrated with a pizza party in our empty home.

It's hard to believe that our time in Birmingham is officially over and we are all moved-in in our new D.C. home. Birmingham was so good to us and I will forever cherish the friendships we have with the people there. It was an adventure and now it's time to continue our adventure in D.C.!


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